People who do not have enough interaction with other people are missing out on understanding and reading emotions. The act of mimicking emotion to understand emotions is compromised. Studies prove that lonely people are more aware of facial expressions, yet fail to understand them correctly. When a “lonely person” does get confronted with another person smiling at them there is this force coping the smile even though this person doesn't feel happy. We want to train this emotion recognition and mimicking skills with this mirror. 
The mirror detects faces and their emotions. Inside the mirror there is an example of a face with a clear emotion, that emotion or face expression needs to be copied in order to reveal your own face so you can see clearly how this emotion looks on a human face. When the emotion is copied and you have seen your own face the next emotion appears for you to copy. By training to recognize emotions you can not only become more empathic, you understand your own emotion better as well. 

In collaboration with Tiankun Yu, Emil Olpinski and Gabriel Giordano for Alone together exhibition (13 december 2019) with year 3 of product design and design art technology

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